Resources for moving people towards eldership in the local church:

COMMENTS: Introductory words on finding elders in God's church (.25).

BROCHURE: Biblical qualifications for eldership in the local church (.99).

FORM: Self-evaluation of biblical qualifications for eldership (.99).

FORM: Self-evaluation of ministry involvement in your church (.99).

FORM: Spousal Evaluation/Reference (.99).

STUDY SHEET: Biblical criteria for selecting an elder (.99).

FORM: Prospective Elder Information Profile (.99).

CHART: Overview of process a prospective elder will go through (.99).


FORM: Elder Bible knowledge exam (.99).

FORM: Christian Community Character Reference (two pages) (.99).

FORM: Elder Character Reference contact list provided by prospective elder (one page) (.99).

FORM: : Community member evaluation of candidate (one page is a letter of explanation and the second page is the reference that the community member completes and submits to the church leadership) (.99).


GUIDELINES: Conversation Ideas when church leaders interview a prospective elder (.99).

CHECKLIST: Elder Process Checklist (.99).

CHART: Elder consideration progress chart (.99).

BROCHURE: Introduction of an individual for consideration as elder (sample brochure .25).

SAMPLE LETTER: Letter to an elder confirming recognition by church family (.99).

SAMPLE LETTER: Letter to an elder confirming non-recognition by church family (.99).

COMMENTS: Words to church leaders (.25).